January's HBCA Monthly iDevices and GPS Call – Blind Vet Tech

This is an announcement for the January 3rd Hines Blind Center Alumni iDevices and GPS users teleconference. The holiday season is a time for all of us to share with our friends and families, and there is no better way to achieve this goal then by joining your fellow Veterans on the HBCA monthly iDevices and GPS teleconference. The details for the call are:

  • Tuesday, January 3rd
  • 1000 AM Central Time
  • (800) 767-1750, ext 44125

If you have any difficulties entering the conference room, please dial 0 for the Operator.
The conference call will begin promptly at 1000 (10:00 a.m., and you are asked to start entering the conference room at 0950 (9:50 a.m.). The conference call will conclude at 1120 (11:20 a.m.). This is Central Standard Time.
We will observe the Roberts Rules of Order. Please direct your question or answer to the Moderator of the call so the Moderator can properly identify you for the continuation of your question/answer. You are asked to not speak over or interrupt a fellow Blinded Veteran who is providing a question or providing an answer to a question. Participants are asked to limit their questions to 2 and with time permitting at the end of the conference call, you may ask additional questions. You are also asked to do a star 6 to mute out any and all background noise, then if you have a question star 6 again and give your name to be recognized by the moderator.

Blinded Veterans new to I Devices will have an opportunity to have their questions answered first.
Please share this information with other Blinded Veterans as the information we share on the conference call can be very helpful.

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