March’s Monthly Talk Announcement

This is an announcement for the Blind Vet Tech Monthly Talk for March 16th. March’s talk will focus on office and productivity solutions for home and business usage. The two leading suites include Apple iWork’s, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Mail; and Microsoft Office 365, Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook.

The amazing part of the Apple iWorks suite stems from the deep integration with all MacOS and iOS devices. iCloud Drive ensures files and format synchronizes seamlessly. This allows you to start drafting a Pages document on your iPad, preform some formatting tweaks on your Mac, do a quick document check on your Windows computer through, and share the document through your iPhone. If you and a partner are both on a MacOS computer, then you can skip sending documents via email and collaborate in realtime, even as a Voice Over or Zoom user.

The only true competitor is Microsoft Office’s 365. Office 365 is a subscription b based office suite. No longer must you wait for updates, since Office 365 pushes all updates to you. Office 365 is the only true cross platform productivity suite, offering a very usable platform for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. So imagine checking your Outlook mail on your iOS devices and receiving a .docx. You can open this up in Word, save it to One Drive, edit it on your Mac or Windows computer with Word, and share it through Outlook on your Surface. All of this is achievable with Voice Over, Zoom, Fusion, NVDA, Narrator, and any other windows based assistive tech software.

This calls participation details are:

  • Thursday, March 16th
  • 1900 Central Time
  • (866) 820-9940

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