Blind Vet Tech Monthly Tech Talk for June 15

This is an announcement for the Blind Vet Tech Monthly Talk for June 15. June’s call will start off with a presentation and question and answer session with Amy from AIRA. AIRA, the visual interpreter for the blind, is a novel method to do anything from reading documents to walking around your community. AIRA consists of a headword camera with a earphone that enables a professional human assistant to guide you throughout your requested task. I have heard of Veterans using this for shopping, navigating convention settings, reading documents, and computer troubleshooting whenever JAWS fails. The second part of the call will feature a discussion about social networking and and any questions participants may have about safely diving into a social networking platform.

This calls participation details are:

  • Thursday, June 15
  • 1900 Central Time
  • (866) 820-9940

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