Tech Capabilities: Using Seeing AI, QR Reader, and Safari to Redeem Movies

Have you ever wondered what is possible through the various devices and apps available? Blind Vet Tech Tech Capabilities demonstrates how to fulfill a task through tech solutions. This inaugural post will list how one may redeem a movie code for iTunes only using an iPhone running iOS 11.

  • Open up Microsoft’s Seeing AI and set the channel to Short Text.
  • Scan the various pieces of paper inside the movie case until you find the insert with the redemption code.
  • In iOS 11, open up the camera app and scan the page. You do not need to take a picture, just wait for Voice Over to announce that a QR code was located
  • Swipe to the left or go to the top of the Camera app to find the redirection link, and tap on it.
  • After Safari opens up the page, select the appropriate streaming service, i.e. iTunes, Google Play, etc…, to obtain a digital copy.
  • If the QR code cannot be located, change Seeing AI’s channel to document. Recognize the page and follow the instructions.

Hope you enjoyed learning about your Tech Capabilities to redeem the digital copy of a movie through your iOS device using Seeing AI, Camera app (or other QR reader), Safari, and iTunes.