Tech Capabilities: Shopping with SeeingAI, Uber, and AIRA Through Your iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to increase independence through the various apps and devices available for the blind? Blind Vet Tech’s Tech Capabilities offers suggestions to achieve these goals.

From assembling a shopping list, traveling to the store, and locating each item, shopping poses several barriers for the blind. Combine Microsoft’s SeeingAI, AIRA, Uber, and your iPhone, and you can quickly get on with your day. Here is how.

  • Open Microsoft’s Seeing AI and switch to the product channel
  • Scan the various products you need to purchase, but swipe to share
  • From the share menu, select Notes and add it to your shopping list note (for extra points you can make this a checklist)
  • After compiling your shopping list, either hire an Uber to the store, or call an AIRA agent and let them handle your Uber trip
  • When you are at the store, call an AIRA agent,, and share or inform them about your shopping list to let them guide you around
  • Checkoff items on your Notes’ shopping list, checkout, and hire a Uber home

Hope you enjoyed learning how shopping becomes easier with Microsoft SeeingAI, Uber, AIRA, and an iPhone through Blind Vet Tech’s Tech Capabilities.