Tech Capabilities: Scan and Package a Document in the iOS 11 Notes

Have you ever wondered how to increase independence through the various apps and devices available for the blind? Blind Vet Tech’s Tech Capabilities offers suggestions to achieve these goals.

iOS 11 brought some amazing features for Voice Over users, like a better reading experience and the ability to complete fillable forms. Did you also know that the Notes app received the ability to insert scanned pages? This feature is very similar to Microsoft One Note, and particularly useful for individuals who just need to scan a series of documents and send it off to someone. Yes, Voice Over provides limited feedback through haptics and voice, increasing chances you capture the full document. Here is how you can do this:

  • Open up Microsoft SeeingAI to the Short Text channel and make sure you have the right document
  • Open up the Notes app
  • Tap on the New Notes button in the lower right corner
  • Find the Insert button, if the keyboard popped up then its in the center of the screen otherwise its on the bottom of the screen above the home button
  • Select Scan Documents from the menu that pops up
  • Swipe through the list of settings and tap on anything you wish to change, like changing the filter settings from color to black and white
  • You will hear a beep and the occasional Voice Over guidance
  • If anything, tap the take picture, and tap on keep scan
  • Repeat this action and then tap on the save scan button
  • After you finish feel free to navigate through the note and add a description or share the note with others

Hope you enjoyed learning how to scan documents in iOS 11 Notes app through Tech Capabilities on Blind Vet Tech.