Tech Capabilities: Coupling AIRA with Blind Square to Create Points of Interest for Navigation

Have you ever wondered how to increase independence through the various apps and devices available for the blind? Blind Vet Tech’s Tech Capabilities offers suggestions to achieve these goals.

Navigating new and unfamiliar areas remains one the last barriers for visually impaired individuals. Yes, we have numerous types of navigational and way finding solutions, like the Victor Reader Trek, Google Maps, and the Seeing Eye GPS. These solutions offers a 90% solution when navigating new areas through their reliance on open sourced and well established points of interest services. However anyone who ever tried to navigate large open spaces on maps, like large parking lots, college campuses, or hiking trails, encounter situations lacking the accuracy of street side addresses offer. Well this is where AIRA coupled with Blind Square will resolve these barriers, and here is how:

  • Start a call with an AIRA agent
  • Let them know you are looking for a particular location, or if you are hiking let them know the trail system you are on and what type of trail you wish to receive directions for
  • Open up Blind Square
  • Tap on Add place, located in the upper left corner of the screen since you will be placing much detail in the location’s title
  • Name the place with detailed information about the location and area, like trail head starting on the left with a paved surface transitioning to a gravel trail
  • For a little extra, ask the AIRA agent for some visual descriptions to include in case you ever need to ask a passerby for a particular spot
  • Toggle the Alert distance to this place to on
  • Set the distance to what you feel comfortable with, just remember the smaller the area the closer you need to be
  • Check theGPS accuracy under Position Information Heading and make sure its 33 feet or less
  • If your accuracy is greater than 33 feet, you may wish to tap the Reset Location button
  • Press Save
  • Do this periodically for different points or intersections along the route
  • end the AIRA call when you finish the route

Hope you enjoyed learning how to utilize AIRA to establish a series of waypoints for a trail in Blind Square through Tech Capabilities on Blind Vet Tech.