Tech Capabilities: Review Presentationss on the Go Through iOS

Have you ever wondered how to increase independence through the various apps and devices available for the blind? Blind Vet Tech’s Tech Capabilities offers suggestions to achieve these goals.

Reviewing presentations and office documents while on the go is a must possess skills for professionals, students, or just about anyone involved with any type of board or civic duties. The saying “death by Power Point” truly is an understatement, with individuals spending more time speaking off of a slide rather than from their own intuition. Thanks to our mobile devices, like iOS, blind individuals may follow along with the slides and even figure out those pesky pictures. Here is how to take a presentation you received from an email and review it:

  • Open Mail and find the email with the presentation
  • Double tap on the presentations, which will probably contain the file extension, .PPTX
  • This will download the presentation and pull up a preview version of the presentation
  • Swipe through the presentation, relying on three finger swipes to the left or right to advance or go back in the slides
  • If a picture is detected, place Voice Over’s focus on the picture and preform a single three finger tap
  • Tap on Done in the upper left corner when you finish the slide packet

If you need to edit the slides, do the following:

  • Follow the same steps as above to pull up the presentation
  • Tap on Share in the upper right corner
  • Swipe through the list of options to share until you find Copy to Keynote or Copy to Power Point
  • Tap on the copy to option and allow Keynote or Power Point to open up
  • You will most likely have to acknowledge certain aspects of the presentation needed to be changed due to a variety of reasons
  • Navigate through the presentation and double tap on any of the text boxes you need to edit
  • In keynote, tap on More in the upper left corner and then Export to save the Presentation as a file type other than the default Keynote file type and share it as needed

You can actually preform these same steps with similar types of office documents on iOS. You will just need to change the productivity related app you hope to utilize.

Hope you enjoyed learning how to tackle presentations while on the go through Blind Vet Tech’s Tech Capabilities.

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