Tech Resources for the Blind

Hines Alumni Association and Blind Not Alone, LLC offer and recommend the following list of teleconferences and resources to support your assistive technology goals. Please send any corrections or additions to TERRYKEBBEL@HINESALUMNI.ONMICROSOFT.COM or

Conference Calls

Blind Vet Tech’s Monthly Teleconference

The Blind Vet Tech team operates four monthly teleconferences. Below is the list with their times and how to connect. You can visit for more information.

  • Get Started with Narrator on Windows 10, meets the 2nd Tuesday at 1300 CST
  • Monthly MacOS Talk, meets the 2nd Thursday at 1300 CST
  • Monthly Tech Talk, meets the 3rd Thursday at 1300 CST
  • Open Mic Night, meets the 3rd Thursday at 1900 CST

To participate with any Blind Vet Tech teleconference:

  • Visit to connect via your computer or iPhone/iPad app
  • Click this number with your iPhone: 6468769923,,7854091838#
  • Dial (646) 876-9923, Meeting ID is 7854091838#

Hines Alumni Association’s Monthly Teleconferences

The Hines Alumni Association conducts two monthly teleconferences. Below is the list with their times and how to connect. Learn more about the Hines Alumni by visiting

  • Kevin Jackson moderates the Hines computer conference call. It meets the first Thursday at 10 AM CST. For more info,
  • Rick Olsen moderates the Hines iPhone and GPS Users conference call. It meets the first Tuesday at 10AM CST. For more info,

To join either of the Hines Alumni conference calls:

  • Click this number with your iPhone, (800) 767-1750,44125#
  • Dial (800) 767-1750, Meeting ID is 44125#

Future Teleconferences

Hines Alumni Association and Blind Not Alone are interested in receiving your feedback and interest for future teleconferences. We believe in connecting virtually to share our thoughts and experiences in order to promote independence. Below is a list of teleconferences we wish to host via ZOOM. If you are interested, email Terry Kebbel at

  • Hines Alumni’s Before and After
    The call will provide individuals with the chance to share their experiences and questions related to attending a Blind Rehab Center. The conference is open to anyone who has attended a Blind Rehab Center.
  • Hines Alumni Virtual Book Discussion Group
    Many of us are avid readers, so let’s come together to discuss our favorite books.
    Coaching Sessions on demand
    Hines Alumni Association and Blind Not Alone offer peer-based and professional coaching sessions. If you are interested in participating in a coaching session, send an email to or

Contractual and Peer Mentorship Services Services

If you represent the VA or a State Vocational Rehab program that requires an assessment or training of a consumer prior to issuing a device, services are available and are conducted by a Licensed Social Worker and ACVREP Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist. For more info contact

Websites to visit

Below is a list of websites we find the most beneficial. Please visit them and add them to your bookmarks.

Help Desks

Each of the major technology companies offers dedicated support for individuals with disabilities. Below is how to contact the accessibility support programs.

  • Microsoft Accessibility Desk personal – (800) 936-5900
  • Apple Accessibility – (877) 204-3930
  • Amazon Accessibility – (888) 283-1678
  • VFO Accessibility Desk (727) 803-8600


Podcasts offers a great method to listen to news and information on your own schedule. The below podcasts represent some of the best ways to learn more about the technologies and services you use. If you are using a Victor Reader, Hims Blaze, or any podcasting app, just search the name and add to your play list.

  • Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials
  • Blind Vet Tech News Update
  • Freedom Scientific (FS Cast)
  • Apple vis
  • Seminars at Hadley
  • Tech talk archive
  • Eyes on success

Revised February, 2018